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Host Home

MH Host Family

It may sound scary to think of moving in with a family you don’t know, but we have found those who take this step come out stronger, more confident and more empowered than they were before. Host homes offer the opportunity to learn to trust others and develop a new network of supportive relationships all while in a safe, stable environment.

You don’t have to do this alone, there are really people out there that care about you, value you and are ready to accept you right where you are at. You are worth investing in!

We aim to have choices of homes and let you get to know the potential family ahead of time. We want both you and your potential host family to feel like this is a great fit.

Many of our young moms who have utilized our Host Homes have gone on to finish high school, start and complete college, find a partner who treats them with true love and respect, and find a job. Most of all, Host Homes help young moms find a forever family who is with you even when things get tough.

If you would like more information, feel free to call or email. Information is free, and you only have to commit if it sounds like a good fit for you.