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Our MySPA Program launched in the fall of 2019 and is open to all past and present MyChoice Clinic clients. By participating in MySPA, mothers of all ages (pregnant or parenting) are offered the chance to build meaningful relationships with mentors, participate in Life Skills classes, and are encouraged in their quest to become capable, skilled, and empowered mothers.

The MySPA Program has three key components: Support, Prepare and Advance.  

 Support is provided through:

  •       Mentoring Partnerships
  •       Practical Resources 
  •       On-site Case Management

 Preparation (prepare) is achieved through Life Skills classes such as : 

  •       Birthing Plans 
  •       Parenting Classes  
  •       Relationship Classes  
  •       Independence skills including budgeting, cooking and more
  •       Goal setting 

 Advancement (Advance) is accomplished through: 

  •       Participating in monthly SPA gatherings
  •       Completing Life Skills Classes
  •       Goal Achieving 

Our Monthly MySPA gathering is typically held on the 3rd Monday of every month. These events include food, fun, and community and are a great way to meet other mothers. Bonus: Childcare is provided!

 Please mention your interest at your next MyChoice Clinic appointment to find out more information and to register