Learning you’re pregnant can be overwhelming. It may seem impossible to become a parent right now. A lot of questions can come up as you wonder if you might be able to make it work.

We can help you process through concerns such as:

  •       I want to have the baby, but I’m scared about how it might change my life.
  •       My boyfriend doesn’t want the baby, but I do.
  •       My parents will be upset if they find out I’m pregnant.
  •       I want to have the baby, but I can’t afford it.
  •       I don’t have any insurance coverage.
  •       I want a baby, but not right now.
  •       I need to finish school.
  •       I’m married and the baby isn’t my husband’s.

 We can provide the following resources for new parents:

  • Parenting and Healthy Attachment Classes
  • Budgeting and Rental Responsibility Classes
  • Relationship Classes
  • Medical, dental, counseling and other resource referrals
  • Education and assistance in goal setting
  • Case management
  • Prenatal and birthing instruction
  • Life skills instruction
  • Assistance in completing high school and/or college level training
  • Assistance in employment readiness
  • Continued support and housing through our host home program or referral to community housing programs

 Questions about our classes or other parenting resources we provide? Contact us today using the form below.